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Fun & Creativity


Art is a way for children to develop creativity, express their feelings and to develop fine motor skills.


The music curriculum includes music literacy, singing, movement and listening.


Movement is a sensory activity that has direct connections to the brain. The Montessori environment gives the students an opportunity to learn as they are moving.


Montessori classrooms incorporate both spoken and written language into the environment to further enhance early learning. Our school offers a fully bilingual curriculum taught in English and Spanish language.


The Montessori approach to math in the classroom offers on of the richest opportunities to make connections to the world around us. The Montessori mathematics curriculum includes arithmetic, geometry, statistics and calculus.

Outside Play

When playing outside, children learn about the natural elements, weather, seasonal changes, and the awesome variety of plants and animals. Our outdoor play area is a safe place for our children to understand their relationship with nature.

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